A superb range of lines, braids and hooklengths

Something to suit every angler in all situations. Quality and consistancy throughout the range.

"Ever since the news of Rapala VMC acquiring Sufix, it seemed like it was about to be a 1-stop fishing tackle mega-brand with its finger on rods, reels, lures, optics, apparel and now lines.

Long before Sufix was an established line company, I had been fishing with their mono range and I must say they were pretty good and value for money. In those days, braid was super expensive and when they released the Matrix Pro in economic spools, it was one of the more affordable braids out there. I was a student then and money was hard to come by.

Fast forward 10 years down the road where braid and lines are made more affordable with the advent of newer technologies and materials. So it does not take much to know that I was truly pleased to check out some of the new Sufix products that landed on my doorstep one day."

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