Extra Limp. Extra Strong.

The Double X® range of fishing lines covers all freshwater fishing facets, saltwater angling and fly-line leaders, right up to the demanding IGFA rated deep-sea fishing lines. Double X® produces type-specific monofilament nylon line, each with its own properties, such as Hi-Abrasion, Hi-Abrasion (Hi Vis), Competition Line, Classic Tapered Fly Leader Lines, Rainbow, Powerline, Platinum, Platinum Plus and Brown Chameleon.

Double X® produces a world-class Fluorocarbon line which is low in diameter, high in specific gravity, and nearly invisible under water. The DX Fluorocarbon line is also available as a wind-on-leader for off-shore applications. Double X®'s Viper Braid is the braided line of the future. With its low stretchability and unique features, both the Monotone Grey and "Space Print" have set Double X® well ahead into the next century of fishing.

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