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Mepps® is a French acronym for Manufacturier D'Engins De Precision Pour Peches Sportives -- In English... Precision Equipment for Sport Fishing.

When French engineer Andre Meulnart invented the Mepps spinner in 1938, it wasn't long before he realized it was an extremely effective fishing lure. He didn't realize, however, he had invented a lure that would revolutionize the fishing tackle industry. It would take a World War and an unusual series of events to do that. It would also take the vision of a man who could see the lure's full potential.

Mepps is completely dedicated to the manufacture of spinners; the only company to make spinners in a special copper alloy and the only company to work with leading fish-research scientific centres. Over the years, Mepps has stayed faithful to the scientific precision and the passion for sport fishing of its founder.

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