A solid reputation for premium quality and unmatched value

From the fast-paced drama of America's toughest tournament trails to quiet, welcome respites with family and friends, the sport of fishing has traveled far from the cane poles and hollow perceptions of days gone by. Alongside that transformation, Ranger Boats has built a solid reputation for premium quality and unmatched value while strengthening families, fishing and personal dreams.

With more than 40 different models and 5 different series, it's a legacy of leadership that continues to grow.

The beginnings of Ranger can be traced to 1968 when founders Forrest and Nina Wood were operating a successful fishing guide service on Bull Shoals Lake, the White River and Crooked Creek. Guiding from large, heavy, wooden boats, Forrest's long hours and years of guiding taught him the value and real need for a design which was comfortable, efficient, and most importantly, demonstrated unquestionable quality. With those merits in mind, his dream to build a quality fishing boat began.

Forrest wanted his boat's strength, integrity, and commitment to be reflected in a single name. A patriot and cowboy at heart, he looked to the legendary reputation of the U.S. Army Rangers and the rugged western heritage of the Texas Rangers. Today, the dream he set in motion proudly carries the hard-earned badge and fierce reputation of 'Ranger'.

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