SINCE 1951

When Cartuchos Saga S.A. was established in 1951, not only did it want to offer hunters and shooters the best ammunition in order to meet their demands, but also to provide the best customer service. At the beginning, Saga was a craft industry - but it has always made a great effort to implement excellent quality control. Since the 60's we have been always improving our state-of-the-art technology machines and since then we developed one of the most modern factories completed in the 70's. This allowed us to become a market-leading brand in Spain in the 80's. But we didn't stop there: at the beginning of the 90's we then started to sell our cartridges beyond our traditional Spanish borders and now we are one of the most appreciated ammunition firms on the planet. During all these years, we have been working hard daily to improve our products, and the best evidence for this lies in the fact that hunters and shooters all over continue to swear by our products. We have also won numerous prizes. But our commitment is not the past, but rather the future: taking into account our tradition, we will continue looking for the best technologies because our customers remain our utmost priority. In fact, hunters and shooters are not only our customers but our "last reason". We need you and we want to help you when practising your favourite sport so we ask for your questions, complaints and suggestions so as to continue improving everyday. But all of this cannot be possible without your co-operation. We are always looking out for your needs in order to grow further every day. In this sense, hunters and shooters all over the world are welcome to contact us and communicate with our Customer Service Department in order to receive information about our new products or make any requests. In Saga S.A., we want to be your cartridge dealer but also your friend. Your help is the most important thing to improve our products to satisfy our customers. We are pleased to present you our product range, with the best products to meet your needs.

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